What is the Student Attainment Project?

The Student Attainment Project

PReSS has been created by the Student Attainment Project, which was set up in response to the gap in attainment between black and minority ethnic (BME) and non-BME students across the HE sector. It aims to instigate a number of interventions across a range of programmes. It recognises that in order to succeed, a post-racial approach must be taken and interventions should be aimed at all students.

PReSS pack

Practical Recipes for Student Success (PReSS) is a series of “recipe cards” for academics and students aimed raising the attainment of learners.

The PReSS Pack has been presented as a blog so that users can comment on the resources and share ideas for modifications, or new recipe cards.

Project Members

Project Director – Philip Plowden (DVC, Chair)
Project Manager – Helen Hathaway (BSS)
Project Assistant – Teresa Glister (BSS, Committee Secretary)
Chris Batten – (VP Academic Affairs, UDSU)
Marc Griffith – (Assistant Dean, Learning Enhancement and Innovation )
Joel Klaff – (Lecturer in Law, Humanities and Social Sciences)
Joy Lewis – (International Student Centre Team Leader)
Debs Robinson – (Lecturer in Education Studies)
Paula Shaw – (Academic Manager, University of Derby Online Learning)
Catherine Shipley – (Study Skills Manager, Learning Enhancement)
Ian Whitehead – (Subject Manager, Literary, Historical and Cultural Studies)
Omari Williams – (Lecturer in Sport, Outdoor & Exercise Science)
Helen Wilson –  (Lecturer in Childhood Studies, Education)

For information about agendas and minutes of meetings, or further information about the project, please contact:

Helen Hathaway

BSS, B Block, University of Derby, Kedleston Road, Derby, DE22 1GB

01332 593676



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