Case Studies

1: The Roadmap to Success – ‘Fit to submit’ checklist

What was the purpose of the activity?

The Roadmap to Success is a student-friendly “Fit to Submit” checklist that has been introduced to reduce the BME attainment gap. The intended audience is all students on the BA (Hons) Education Studies degree (including Joint Honours students). The issue it addresses is the attainment gap at module and programme level between BME students and non-BME students. The benefits anticipated were firstly to see an increase in the grade profile for all BME students at each stage of the programme, secondly to see a narrowing of the attainment gap between BME and non-BME students, and thirdly to see an improvement in the percentage of BME students being awarded a good honours degree (1st or 2.1).

Approach used

The standard Roadmap to Success was adapted to meet the assessment criteria for each module at all three stages of the programme. The Roadmap to Success for each module was provided to students via Course Resources and delivered during the assessment guidance session during each module. Students were asked to consider the checklist before submission of assignments to ensure their grades were not adversely affected by “missing something out”. The checklist was also used by module leaders in subject tutorials to open up a dialogue about the fitness of assignments for submission. An extension activity at stage 3 particularly is to give the students one of their stage 2 Roadmaps to Success and ask them in groups to adapt the standard checklist to meet the requirements of the assessment criteria for their stage 3 modules.


Students have given us feedback that the single most effective activity we do to support them on the course is the Roadmap for Success. Our practice has been changed because of the inclusion of the Roadmap to Success in the assessment sessions on the course. The impact has been a narrowing of the attainment gap across most modules, plus more significantly the improvement of good honours awarded to BME students has increased from 44% (12/13); 64% (13/14) to 93% (14/15). Further impact has been the reduction of the number of referrals and non-submissions; and the improvement of grade profiles for all students, whether BME or non-BME.

Lessons learned

The Roadmap to Success works as one of a range of strategies to reduce the attainment gap for BME and non-BME students.

Key points for others

Must be done at module level.

Contact: Ang Davey,, College of Education.

– Example ‘Roadmap to Success’ checklist for you to download and adapt for your assessment: 

Roadmap to Success


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